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Top 10 resources for jQuery plugins


jQuery JavaScript library is very popular among website developers. According to W3Techs, jQuery adoption is about 55%. It is normal for such a popular library to have many plugins available. Google is always an option when someone tries to find a plugin. Moreover, many plugin repositories or collections are available. Let’s see the most important of them.


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Freebies Fonts for Best Business Logo


We all know, it’s very important to choose the right font when working on a logo design. When speaking about business logos, we usually mean logos which are elegant, clean and not too fancy. So what kind of fonts should we be using? What kind of logos will make my logo look best? Here


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What The Color Says About You


Color can influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas. Did you know, that every time you wear some clothing, you are signaling to the world a symbolistic meaning? Many people believe that colors are powers, and that colored clothes are especially powerful. Here are some of the meanings of colors and what they correspond. Enjoy!

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Top 100 Best Palettes For Web & Graphic Designer.


The quest to find the perfect colors and color combinations is a common thread that runs from those who have painted great masterpieces and Graphic Artists to Interior Designers and Landscapers.
As French impressionist Claude Monet said, “Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Today we are here to help you find that perfect color palette. We based this collection on the most viewed palettes of all time on

1394280 Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers92095 Giant Goldfish Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers

1148698 Lemon Sorbet Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers694737 Thought Provoking Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers

1930 cheer up emo kid Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers580974 Adrift in Dreams Top 100 Tasty Palettes from Colourlovers

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High-Quality Free Content Slider PSD Files


Stack Image Slider PSD

This is a stylish image slider graphic, with semi-transparent forward/back graphics, and various attractive progress buttons. It’s a simple and appealing design with lots of detail!



Elegant Photo Slider

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Common Mistakes In Logo Design


1. Relies On Trends

Focusing on current logo trends is like putting a sell-by date on a logo.

Trends (whether swooshes, glows or bevels) come and go and ultimately turn into cliches. A well-designed logo should be timeless, and this can be achieved by ignoring the latest design tricks and gimmicks. The biggest cliche in logo design is the dreaded “corporate swoosh,” which is the ultimate way to play it safe. As a logo designer, your job is to create a unique identity for your client, so completely ignoring logo design trends is best.

Logolounge has a great section on its website in which it updates current logo design trends every year. Being aware as a designer of the latest crazes is important, mainly so that you can avoid them at all costs.

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