CSS 2.1 selectors with example

* selector

* {color: red;}
* is a universal selector, meaning that it selects every single element on the page.
As a result all text on this page should be red.


> selector

body > p {color: red;}

The > selector means “child of”, so that this style sheet should make the text in all P’s that are direct children of BODY red.
It should not make this paragraph red, though. It’s in a div, and therefore not a direct child of the body.


+ selector

h1 + p {color: red;}

The h1 + p selector means when using H1 tag after coming P tag become red color then every tag make noraml.

This paragraph should not be red.


[attr] selector

p[class] {color: #6374AB}
p[ppk] {background-color: red}
p[align=right] {border: 1px solid black;}
p[ppk=false] {font-weight: 600;}
p[class~=test] {text-decoration: underline;}

Attribute presence

p[class] {color: #6374AB}

Each element p with an attribute class—the value of the attribute doesn’t matter.

This paragraph has class="testclass". It should be blue.

p[ppk] {background-color: red}

Each element p with an attribute ppk—the value of the attribute doesn’t matter.

This paragraph has a ppk="true" attribute. It should have a red background.

Attribute value

The p[align=right] selector means “each p that has an ALIGN attribute with value “right”. The p[class~=test] selector means “each p that has a CLASS one of whose values is “test”.

p[align=right] {border: 1px solid black;}Each p with an attribute align="right".

This paragraph has align="center". Nothing should happen.This paragraph has align="right". It should have a border.

p[ppk=false] {font-weight: 700;}Each p with an attribute ppk="false".

This paragraph has a ppk="false" attribute. It should be bold and have a red background.

The previous paragraph with a ppk attribute didn’t have the value "false" so it should not become bold.

p[class~=test] {text-decoration: underline;}

Each p with an attribute class, one of whose values is "test". The values of the attribute should be separated by spaces.

This paragraph has a class="small test" attribute. It should be blue and underlined.

The blue colour comes from the previous rule p[class] {color: #6374AB}, which obviously also works on this paragraph, since it has a class.

Multiple classes

p.italic {color: red;}
p.underline {text-decoration: underline;}
p.large {font-size: 150%;}
p.small {font-size: 90%;}
p.underline.small {font-variant: small-caps;}

Note the last rule: it says "any p that has a class underline AND small". Explorer 6- doesn't read this last rule correctly; it applies it to any paragraph that has a class "small".

This paragraph has class="italic large" It should be red and large.

This paragraph has class="underline large" It should be underlined and large.

This paragraph has class="italic small" It should be red and small.

This paragraph has class="underline small" It should be underlined, small, and it should use small-caps.


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