Graphic Freebies Collections For Your Future Designs


Book icon
Book Icon

Shelf icon
Shelf Icon Basic icon set
TutNinjacom Basic Icon Set

64×64 Icon Practice
64x64Icon Practice

Buildings Icons
Buildings Icons

Jewelry Professional Icons
Jewelry Professional Icons

Toolbar Icon Set 2
Toolbar Icon Set 2

Paradise Fruit Icon Set
Paradise Fruit Icon Set

General Vector Icons
General Vector Icons

Free social icons
Free Social Icons

Wood Photoshop icon
Wood Photoshop Icon

SysTray Icons Pack
SysTray Icons Pack

Pocket Icon Set
Pocket Icon Set

Do you love Cappuccino?
Do You Love Cappuccino

Oxe Icons Set
Oxe Icons Set

BluePrint 20 Social icon
BluePrint 20Socialicon

Web 2.0 Gradient Pack
Web 2Gradient Pack

12 Colorful Backgrounds
12 Colorful Backgrounds

Complementary Colour Swatches
Complementary ColourSwatches

Nature’s Beauty Gradient
Natures Beauty Gradient

Fall Gradients
Fall Gradients

Bling Photoshop Style Kit
Bling Photoshop Style Kit

Yummy Text Styles
Yummy Text Styles

Delicious Text Styles
Delicious Text Styles

Glowing Styles
Glowing Styles

Free Photoshop Text Styles
FreePhotoshop TextStyles

White Glossy Layer Styles
White Glossy LayerStyles

Sleek Dark Layer Styles
Sleek Dark LayerStyles

Colourful Glossy Layer Styles
ColourfulGlossy LayerStyles

Natural Styles
Natural Styles

Zwart Styles
Zwart Styles

11 STYLES01 Huge Freebies Collections For Your Future Design Projects

Lugano Styles
Lugano Styles

Layer styles
Layer Styles

Vol.2 Styles
Vol2 Styles

iCustomize Layer Styles
iCustomize Layer Styles

Drop shadow Photoshop style
Drop shadow Photoshopstyle

DVD box creator
DVD Box Creator

Free Business card mock up
Free BusinessCard Mockup

3D Web page Display
3D Webpage Display

Magazine Mock-up
Magazine Mock up

Wooden Hedge – Seamless
Wooden Hedge Seamless

Wood collection
Wood Collection

4 Light Textures

Materials-texture pack
Materials Texture Pack

Old Paper pack 13
Old Paper Pack13

Texture pack 4
Texture Pack4

Wall and Terrain Textures
Wall Terrain Textures

Ultimate Carbon Patterns Pack
Ultimate Carbon PatternsPack

Metal Mesh Patterns – Pack 1
Metal Mesh Patterns Pack1

10 Spotlights Huge Freebies Collections For Your Future Design Projects


Paper Pack 2 – coffee
Paper Pack2 Coffee

Paper Pack 3
Paper Pack3

Texture pack 11
Texture Pack11

Color Paper Pack03
Color Paper Pack03

Dreamy Pack
Dreamy Pack

Color Paper + Cardboard Pack02
ColorPaper Cardboard Pack02

My Bookshelf
My Bookshelf

Horizontal Accordion or Slider
Horizontal Accordion Slider

Pretty Red Ribbon – Free PSD
Pretty Red Ribbon FreePSD

Syringe Free PSD
Syringe FreePSD

Icon Container Pack
Icon Container Pack

Gold 16 web elements
Gold 16web Elements

Newspaper template
Newspaper Template

Old folder
Old Folder

Webdesigner kit
Webdesigner Kit

Realistic IES Lighting Effect
Realistic IESLighting Effect

Notebook psd
Notebook PSD

Mail PSD w. Editable Text
Mail PSD Editable Text

Post-it – psd
Post PSD

Stamp Sheet Template psd file
Stamp Sheet Template

Glossy Apple Badges
Glossy Apple Badges

Flag Creator
Flag Creator

PNG old envelope
PNG Old Envelope

iPhone 4 HD
iPhone 4HD

Peeled Corner
Peeled Corner

Beveled Player PSD v1
20 Beveled PlayerPSDv1

Stiker PSD
Stiker PSD

Hand Drawn “Arrow” PS Brushes
Hand DrawnArrow Brushes

Progress Bars pack
Progress Bars Pack

12 X-ray Scans

Satisfaction Guarantee Wax Seal
Satisfaction Guarantee Wax Seal

Gold and Black Shopping Card Template
GoldBlack Shopping Card

8 Comments to “Graphic Freebies Collections For Your Future Designs”

  • admin December 3, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    That was something i was searching For. 😀

  • therundown2k3 September 29, 2013 at 5:02 am

    I love using the Sims to design beautiful houses with lovely interiors – do you know of some other PC games I can get creative with? (good graphics are a must) I did enjoy Fashion Designer, even though it was more for kids.
    Just to reiterate – I asked for a game LIKE the Sims – not part of the sims universe. I am well aware of the existence of game extensions.

  • Vultre9 October 6, 2013 at 10:26 am

    I need to earn money. Even some amount will be good enough. I am a Computer Science student with a strong inclination towards Computer Graphics. I am good at modeling and designing using Maya and Photoshop. I even think of taking this up as a career option. So is there any way I can use my skills to earn my family something?

  • Lachlan October 12, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    I am a teacher, working with a group of parents trying to make a poster. They want to take the kids pictures (32) place them on a poster (in an even grid format) allowing room at the bottom of the page for text/graphics/etc. Any thoughts? I did the basics by making a ‘contact page’ in photo shop, but that doesn’t allow me to adjust margins or move the pictures around. Any help would be appreciated!

  • stephen m October 14, 2013 at 4:10 am

    Well i’ve been answered a question about my background subjects needed if I want to become an Architect but don’t know what Humanities subject is exactly… But is graphics graphical technology or what? I thank all answerers!

  • Melanie October 20, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    My family is making a calender for my grandma and everyone draws something for each month. I still haven’t drawn mine yet, and I thought I would do it with Microsoft paint. Any ideas on something creative to draw? Remember it’s digital so I can paste photos off the internet and whatnot… Any general ideas?
    Best idea(s) wins 10 points. Thanks!

  • Goe122 November 4, 2013 at 11:48 pm

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    and 4. What about the children that are too young to know? If there are three group, and only the group of true believers will be saved, what about new-born infants? They have never hurt anyone, and they are purely innocent, but they have never prayed, and do not know God. Will they be saved?

    Thank you. I consider myself my own brand of Christianity (not a cult) and if you would like to hear my beliefs, simply ask. I have my own beliefs that are different from the Bible, because the Bible contradicts itself, I don’t believe it because it was written by the hand of man, not God.
    I don’t believe in Judgement Day – JUST SAYING

    5. In the Bible, after the whole Noah’s Ark thing, God cast a rainbow in the sky promising never again to destroy the world. THIS (if you believe the Bible) proves Judgement Day wrong
    (It contradicts itself by saying that ‘all men are equal’ but that ‘homosexuals are wrong’)
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER: fortheimperium2003 – it was very insightful, intelligent, and polite

  • Derek November 20, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I want to learn how to make good graphics for shirts using adobe illustrator and photoshop but i can’t find any good tutorials! Does anyone know some good websites/tutorials?