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How to Target IE6, IE7, and IE8 Uniquely with 4 Characters


Two months ago, I, in a video quick tip, demonstrated how to use the underscore and star hacks to target Internet Explorer 6 and 7 in your stylesheets. In today’s quick tip, we’ll take things one step further, as we introduce a new hack that targets IE8 and below as well. It should be noted that this is not a best practice, and conditional comments should be used instead 98% of the time. With that said, it’s always important to know what you can do – plus it’s fun, right?

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Finally IE6 Reached the end of line

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that network managers can now upgrade any Windows PC’s on their networks to the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 via their Windows Server Update Services platform, clearly representing a significant time saver for managers of large networks.

Does this easier to upgrade option mean that large organisations, businesses, schools, universities, colleges, etc., IE6’s last remaining stronghold,  will now finally be encouraged to make the move away from IE6?

And could this finally mean an end to Web Designers spending hours ensuring that their latest creations are backward compatible with this last remaining relic of a time long forgotten?

Here’s looking to a brighter, happier and more standards compliant IE6-less future, fingers crossed!

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