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10 Famous Magento Based Website

We strongly believe in Magento and this belief is supported by the some 100,000 merchants worldwide currently using Magento to power their eCommerce front.

Breville ( who use Magento to power a site that profiles their products, compares their products, allows for purchase of both products and parts, enables retailers to be found and support to be at a customers finger tips. The site also allows for video demonstrations of tips and tricks to using and maintaining the products.

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Reasons Why Grids are Used for Website Layout

One may observe that every website is unique not just with its site name and brand but also with its entire look. Every website is distinct with the use of colors, graphics, text and even the layout. There are different ways on how to do the layout of a website. But like other art works and design, it can also make use of grids. Some websites can obviously show the use of grids in its layouting. It looks balanced and easier for the eyes of the users.

But still, some people might wonder why there is a need to use these vertical and horizontal guide lines for website layout. Actually, not only website layouting uses grids. Even newspaper layouting and other print materials make use of this to make sure that everything is aligned and looks proportional. So, today, we will give you the top reasons why a grid is used for website layout. Read on and find out what these reasons are:

1. It gives you a per-conception of your layout.

It gives you a pre-conception of your layout
Site: Dynamit

Every designer always has a good design in mind. When he speaks with a client regarding a website layout, he has already formed an advance design in his mind. That is true to most designers. So, when you use a grid, you can seemingly see the website placed on it. This can help you to do some improvements on the design even before you have actually started working on it.

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Inspirational Examples of Eye Catching Website Design


Best Psd Freebies

This website is very clean, neat, and has an amazing front page featured slider. A well laid out site that makes great use of white space.

Best Psd Freebies


37 Signals

A very nice and simple site again that does something that most sites don’t do. They center everything. It really works for this website.


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